Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Authority

The Cyprus Gaming Commission is the authority mandated by the country's government to regulate all gambling activities in this Mediterranean nation. The Commission was established in 2015, and it exercises influence on both land-based and online casino platforms.

Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Authority
Key ResponsibilitiesLicensing Requirements
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Key Responsibilities

The key responsibility of the Cyprus Gaming Commission is to regulate, license, and monitor all forms of gambling in the country. This allows the citizens of Cyprus to enjoy gambling in a well-protected environment.

Licensing Requirements

While the gaming commission in Cyprus may not be as strict as others (the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission), the Commission is the best in its own right, as far as its functions are concerned. Any casino operator who thinks that they can simply apply for a gambling license in Cyprus and receive it without undergoing rigorous vetting are deceiving themselves.

Before the Cyprus Gaming Commission issues a license, it carries out a detailed review of the gambling operator to ensure they have fairness and safety protocols, trustworthy software, and modern security technology in place. This gives players 100% protection. In case of any dispute, the Commission reserves the right to withdraw a license from any gambling operator found culpable.

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