How to Use Paysafecard in Live Casinos?

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PaysafeCard is a popular deposit method in a growing number of live casinos across Europe. It provides a reliable payment method with the option for completely anonymous payments that don't expose any personal details online.

Below is the full information on how to make use of the system.

How to Use Paysafecard in Live Casinos?

How to Use the PaysafeCard System

Although the main PaysafeCard concept is a voucher system, most users will recognise it as similar to prepaid card payment methods.

If you want to use PaysafeCard in live casinos, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, check with LiveCasinoRank which live casinos accept PaysafeCard deposits.
  2. Once you have found a participating live casino, go to the site and make an account if you don't already have one.
  3. Once your account is active, go to the live casino's deposit page.
  4. Select PaysafeCard as a deposit option, choose a deposit amount and then insert your voucher code.
  5. Confirm the payment and funds should be immediately added to your account.

If the funds on the voucher hit zero because of the deposit, that voucher becomes inactive. Rarely, some casinos will also accept a Paysafe account for making withdrawals although most only accept deposits.

Advantages of Using PaysafeCard in Live Casinos

The main positives to using PaysafeCard over other payment methods include:

  • Making payments without revealing personal information, which improves security.
  • Available across Europe and beyond in both physical stores and online retailers.
  • Balances can be tracked all in one place through a Paysafe account.

Potential Disadvantages of Using PaysafeCard in Live Casinos

The negatives behind PaysafeCard for making payments are:

  • Limited to the currency the voucher was purchased with.
  • It can only be used for withdrawals if there is also a Paysafe account.
  • Availability in physical stores can be limited in some countries.


In conclusion, PaysafeCard is a convenient deposit method for players in live casinos. With its voucher system and prepaid card-like functionality, PaysafeCard allows users to make anonymous payments without exposing personal information online. So it remains a popular and reliable payment option for live casino enthusiasts seeking convenience and privacy.

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Can I use PaysafeCard without an account?

The basic vouchers for deposit work regardless of whether you have an account. An account is only needed to track the balance of active vouchers and rarely make withdrawals.

Can anyone use PaysafeCard?

As a payment method, the main limit is that it can only be used in places where there are shops that sell the vouchers. However, if you are able to buy a voucher in your country, you can use it online in the same currency as well.

Is it safe to use PaysafeCard?

Using a PaysafeCard voucher is slightly safer than using a debit or credit card online, as it doesn't contain your payment details on it. If you buy the voucher in cash, it is completely secure as banking details are never shared.

How can I withdraw using PaysafeCard?

If you are only using PaysafeCard in the voucher form, then withdrawals are not possible. To use the system for withdrawals, you will need to register for a Paysafe account.

How long do deposits with PaysafeCard take to complete?

Buying a PaysafeCard, to begin with, is instant as it's effectively a voucher like any other. While live casinos may vary slightly, usually any payments made with PaysafeCard are completed instantly.

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