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Play Live Casino Games Online - Top Highest Paying 2020

Live Slots

What are live Slots?

The man credited with inventing the slot machine is Charles Fey. A San Francisco mechanic, he was the first to create such a machine that could automatically pay out coins. In 1898, he came up with the famous “Liberty Bell Slot Machine”, which paid out 50 cents when three bells aligned.

Are there live slot jackpots?

Of course! Live slots offers many popular bonuses like the once available at online slots. In addition, there are many high limit slot jackpots available at live slots. Here CasinoRank© rates all our top casinos for live slots.

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Live Baccarat

What is Live Baccarat?

The intensity of Baccarat is what attracts players to the game. Dating back to French soldiers in the 15th century, the comparison card game has been entertaining people for a long time. There are several variants of Baccarat that can be played in person however the vast majority of Live Baccarat follows the Punto Banco version of the game. In Punto Banco players choose one of three options: to bet on the player, to bet on the banker or to bet on a tie. The game is then played and cards are dealt without interference by the player or dealer. The conclusion of the game is then decided in accordance with a set of rules based on the totals of the cards already drawn. Players win by betting on the cards with a total closest to 9, or by correctly predicting a tie.

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Live Bingo

What is Live Bingo?

Live bingo gives you as a player the full social experience that makes Bingo such a popular game. As a social game there is often nomerous forms of entertainment available in the Bingo halls alongside the Bingo itself. These sort of entertainment can be music, slot machines and shops where you can purchase drinks and food. All thought not all of these aspects can be replicated online, many Casinos are keen to make the Live Bingo experience as social and fun as possible.

Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most widely played games, with millions of people enjoying it worldwide. It originated in 16th century Italy, where it was played as a form of lottery. The game became popular in France, the UK, and other parts of Europe during the 18th century. In the US, it took off in 1929.

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Live Blackjack

What is Live Blackjack?

In live blackjack, online players face a real dealer who is streamed on a live video. Communication between the dealer and the players is in real-time courtesy of a live chat function. The player uses a computer screen to place a bet through a console. Any technical problems that may arise are solved by a technology manager. Live Casino is an incr easingly popular way to gamble online.

There is always a real human dealer in Live BlackJack. This dealer interacts with the players and facilitates the game. Players can join in on mobile or desktop devices from all over the world. They can communicate with the dealer via chat and place wagers digitally too. In the beginning Live BlackJack was criticized for its technological problems. Poor internet speed and inadequate hardware technology meant that the video often froze, disrupting the game and experience for the players.

More recently however, the proliferation of high internet speed along with other technological advancements has made Live Black Jack far smoother and much more reliable. Another recent change in Live BlackJack is the ability to choose the language of your dealer. Providers offer many different languages in the hope that this will make players more comfortable and improve their experience. These improvements in the game has lead to a fast rise in its popularity. The most popular Live BlackJack providers are Evolution Gaming BlackJack, Lucky Streak Blackjack and Ezugi Blackjack.

Live BlackJack is an innovation within gaming where online players are streamed a live video of a real person dealing cards. Players can communicate with the dealer in real time using a text chat function. Bets are also placed via a console on the players computer screen.

Live BlackJack gives the best of both worlds; the convenience of online gambling as well as the traditional feel of a classic game of BlackJack. Optical character recognition technology is used to translate the results of the physically dealing of cards into data so that players can interact with the game in a similar way to how they would in a virtual casino game. Typically there is a technology manager employed to ensure that the technical problems are solved quickly.

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Live Caribbean Stud

What is Live Caribbean Stud Poker?

In many ways Caribbean Stud Poker is similar to Five Card Stud, if you know the rules to one you know the rules of the other. Caribbean Stud was invented on a cruise ship heading towards Aruba. That's why the game got its exotic sounding name, but it is also a very popular game in Aruba and across the Caribbean islands.

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Live Casino Holdem

Players love this game because they can play it without any other players present. They can play it own their own in the comfort of their own house. If you want you can play Casino Hold'em even though your mates might not be keen to play. That's why many players love playing Casino Live Hold'em online

History of Casino Holdem

In the early 2000's this version of Texas Hold'em was introduced. Here the player faces the casino rather than other players. In this version, you play aggainst the dealer and there are certain fixed rules that may be considered more favourble to the player and less so for the dealer, but only slightly (the dealers hand needs to be above pair of fours to play). There is also a way to play Casino Hold'em with a progressive jackpot, making Casino Hold'em a popular game for online casino players.

Live Casino Holdem

As Casino Holdem is a game where you play the house (casino) rather than other players, this has become a very popular online poker game.

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Live Craps

What is live Craps?

Live Craps is a popular casino game that you typically play with a dice. In the game you the player make a wager on the outcome of the roll of the die. This could also be the outcome of a series of rolls or a roll with a pair of die. Craps can be played against other players but it can also be played against the bank (the casino). Craps can seem intimidating to new players as there are many variations of the bet that you can make. But for experienced players the large betting ranges is one of the attractions to the game.

What is the best bet in Craps?

If you want to enhance your craps strategy the best bets you can make are the Pass/Don't Pass, this strategy also includes the Come/Don't Come. You as a player should stick with these bets since then the houses advantage will only be at about 1.40%. If you then lay or take odds this reduces the house edge even more.

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Live Dragon Tiger

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger is by far the simplest casino game, although its wide array of possible side bets do add some complexity to the game. The game is similar to Baccarat in that players do not compete against the dealer, but they choose between two possible outcomes; the dragon or the tiger. Dragon Tiger is highly suited to the live format as it is a fast and easily scalable game. The attraction of Dragon Tiger is its simplicity, leading to a smooth game without interruptions or hesitation. In other words, Live Dragon Tiger is a simple two-card game where you bet on which one of the cards will have the highest amount. But there is an added complexity where you can add some proposition bets on the individual cards.

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Live Dream Catcher

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