March 26, 2023

What Is Live Super Stake Blackjack by Stakelogic?

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There are many live blackjack variations as game developers look to give players something slightly different from the game of 21. In December last year, Stakelogic announced the release of Super Stake Blackjack, the content aggregator’s most exciting release yet. So, what exactly is this new live blackjack title, and why should gamers be excited about it? 

What Is Live Super Stake Blackjack by Stakelogic?

What is Super Stake Blackjack?

Super Stake Blackjack is a thrilling live blackjack variant that uses the American blackjack rules. This means the live casino dealer receives two cards, one face-up. But if the open card is an Ace, the dealer peeks at the face-down card, and players can lose if the hand that makes a blackjack is a picture card or a ten. In European blackjack, the dealer doesn’t look at the face-down card. 

That aside, this blackjack game uses a 52-card deck and supports multiple players at top live online casinos. After the croupier deals a hand, gamers can choose to split, no split, no double, or double. New players should obviously stick to splitting and doubling to avoid unnecessary complications. 

According to Richard Walker, Stakelogic’s Head of Live, Super Stake Blackjack takes player experience to a new level while maintaining the core blackjack experience. The official said that adding four side beats should make this game appealing to seasoned and beginner blackjack players. 

Live Super Stake Blackjack Gameplay

Blackjack players don’t need any particular lessons to play Live Super Stake Blackjack. 

  • Each round begins with a betting session before the dealer draws the cards to the player. 
  • Once the player gets their cards, they can hit, split, or stand.
  • Players can split two same-value cards into separate hands. This move can be advantageous if the player has a pair of Aces. Note that doubling down is also allowed after splitting. 
  • If the player’s first two cards form a 21, they’ll receive a 3:2 payout instead of the unfavorable 6:5 in some live blackjack games
  • All other winning hand combinations have even money payouts or 1:1. This is where the Live Super Stake Blackjack side bets kick in.

Multipliers and Side Bets

Super Stake Blackjack allows live casino players to multiply their winnings by 2x to 60x. However, a fee of 50% is applicable to activate the Super Stake feature. 

Here is how it works; after the betting round, the screen will display six Golden Cards randomly. Each card has multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, or 30x. If the player’s card is similar to the value of one or two Golden Cards, they win their hand. The initial bet also receives the card’s multiplier value, reaching 60x the stake.

In addition to the multipliers, the game has up to four side bets, including:

  • Golden Pairs: The first two-card combination should be a pair.
  • 3: The dealer’s first card and the player’s two should form one of five combinations. 
  • Golden 3: The player’s first three cards should form a three-card hand.
  • Buzz-T: The player predicts that the live casino dealer will bust.

Live Super Stake Blackjack Strategies

Live Super Stake Blackjack is one of those live blackjack games where strategies rarely work. That’s because the multipliers make the game highly random, and the dealer continuously reshuffles the 52-card deck to prevent card counting. But still, the unexpected 2x to 60x multipliers are worth the trouble.

But don’t just play this new live casino title blindly. Learning when to split, double down, hit, stand, and other traditional blackjack moves is advisable. For example, breaking up a pair of Aces is a no-brainer. Also, players should double down with a total hand of 11. There are many of these strategies to learn.

Live Super Stake Blackjack: Final Thoughts

This game is definitely a must-play at top online live casinos in 2023. The developer was smart enough not to introduce a raft of gameplay changes, instead opting to add a few multipliers and side bets. Honestly, it’s an excellent alternative to titles like Lightning Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. Give it a try!

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