Ranking of the Best Opus Gaming Live Casinos

Opus ranks among the best gaming software developers in the world, as of 2022. It rubs shoulders with the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt, matching them toe-to-toe in most areas and probably beating them in some. It is the leading provider in Asia and is fast spreading to Europe and other parts of the world.

When playing live casino games, an enthusiast may not pause to think about the effort that goes into creating them. Therefore, they may not care about the developer when choosing games. But the best players know!

This article shows why the developer should be a key consideration when choosing games by breaking down what goes on at Opus Gaming.

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Top Opus Gaming Casinos

Opus gaming's primary specialty is live casinos. This is the latest trend in the industry that has caught on with players everywhere. Opus produces easy-to-stream games for players even in places where internet connection is not very strong. This understanding of the Asian market makes Opus the ideal provider for all casinos operating in the region.

This casino was founded in 2009 in The Philippines. It is from here that it has grown to cover all Asian countries that allow online gambling and live dealer casinos. The developer is licensed by First Cagayan, a body renowned for its insistence on quality games and fairness. Throughout its decade-long existence, Opus has always met these high standards. The developer creates software for live casinos, sports betting, slots, poker, and other casino card games. These are used in more than 46 online casinos across the world.

Often, other developers bundle their software with Opus. This creates a win-win situation- Opus gets more games to offer to its Asian casinos while European developers get a chance to access the fast-growing Asian Market.

Unique Features of Opus Gaming Games

FInding good casino softwares with unique features is fundamental when signing up to live casino. Opus Gaming has served Asian players with custom games that they do not find on other sites for a long time.

Customized Games
Slots are mainly about themes. While most other developers create slots that Europeans and Americans resonate with, Opus has focused on the Asian market. Players in the region love these games, and their popularity is now spreading to other parts of the world. Even with regular table and live casino games, Opus seeks customization. For instance, 7Up and Squeeze Baccarat versions are unique to this developer.

Graphics and Adaptability
Despite the focus on decorative Asian themes, Opus has managed to keep its graphics decluttered. Their games are fast-loading and highly responsive. All recent Opus games are easily adaptable to mobile screens and stream well with just a decent internet connection.

Great Odds
Both the Random Number Generator (RNG) and sports software from Opus tend to favor the player. Their casino game versions have a high RTP (Return to Player) rate and significantly lower house edges. Although sports odds depend largely on bookmakers, Opus sports is slightly friendlier than most others.

Opus Gaming Most Popular Games
Opus games fall into different categories. Each game is widely popular in that category, so it is not easy to pick the best. Moreover, Opus Gaming has always been about quality over volume. This means that while they may not have as many games as many other developers, they can manage to achieve popularity in every game category.

Live Casino
The primary and most popular category of Opus games. Here, the player sees and interacts with the dealer in real time through a video stream. This is activated by selecting the 'Live Casino' option on the casino website and choosing a specific game. Opus's live casino games include Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, and Multi-Table live gaming.

Opus Sports
Sports bets are also widely popular on Opus casinos. Mostly, they appear on the same site as the casino games and can be selected from a drop-down menu. Opus offers around 30,000 pre-match sports betting and around 10,000 live matches each month. The developer concentrates on popular sports in Asia, with cricket leading the way by a long mile.

Opus Video Slots
Video slots are like the live casino of slots. Actually, the live casino idea was born out of video slots. Many players love slots because of how easy they are to learn and how fast each game moves. The specific theme of a slot makes players resonate with it. Opus makes the experience even better with the offer of free slots.

Live Lottery
The lottery is as popular in Asia as it is in other parts of the world. Opus has created lottery games that casinos can offer in a live session. Although players love them, their popularity is limited by the fact that only a few casino sites are licensed to run lotteries.

There are other Opus games that are popular in Asia-specific casinos but have not spread much outside the region. These include Live Sic Bo Asia, Live Fish Prawn Crab, Live Dragon Tiger Asia, and Live Three Pictures.

The popularity of Opus games varies from country to country too. For instance, in some places, Fish Prawn Crab is more popular than, say, Three Pictures. Some slots are also more popular than others. Generally, however, it is safe to say that Opus Gaming has consistently created games that are popular with all casino lovers. Their regular updates to remove bugs and improve performance help maintain these levels.

Opus Gaming: Live Casino Studios and Games

Opus Gaming Studios

Makati City, Manila, Philippines, is home to Opus Gaming’s first studio, which continues to offer world-class streaming of casino games. A fully customized workplace that employs hundreds of Filipino professionals has also been hailed as having positive effects on the local economy. With robust technologies, the live games provider ensures no lags or technical issues during gameplay. A stable internet connection is all that's needed for the Opus Gaming live casinos to run smoothly.

Facts Unique to Manila Studios

Opus Gaming cares about customers' success more than any other developer. The Philippines-based hub offers a wide selection of table games that compete with the best gaming providers whose studios are based in Latvia and Malta.

Asian-Branded Gaming Environment

The Manila studio ensures that the Asian market is reasonably satisfied. Unlike many live casino providers aiming specifically at this market segment, this studio's atmosphere is tastefully decorated without overdoing its Asian branding. From the beginning, the elegantly branded studio exudes excitement and an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere.

Professional Asian Dealers

Opus gaming live online casino dealers are mainly native Asians and often greet players in their native languages. They usually dress in traditional red attires, a symbolic color of success, fortune, and good luck in the Asian culture. They are highly trained to handle a global audience and exhibit a welcoming attitude to all players. As a result, punters will enjoy a pleasant aura and an improved gaming experience.

Other Unique Studio Characteristics

As well as facilitating a relaxed environment, Manila-based studios come with attractive perks, such as a reliable gaming format with fair and safe gameplay. Even though the live dealer provider primarily targets Asian players, their games are available in European casinos. Essential features of Opus Gaming live casino studios can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy-to-navigate tables
  • Top-notch real-time streaming of games
  • Exotic, glamorous gaming scene
  • Multi-table betting options
  • Unique game portfolio with high RTPs
  • 3D experience to select players
  • Impressive interface and playability

Many Asian players don’t like too many interactions when wagering; this is perhaps why Opus Gaming hasn’t included a live chat option. While other markets might consider it a disadvantage, it is perfect for Asian punters who prefer a tranquil gambling scene.

Opus Gaming Portfolio

The live dealer software developer presents a diverse range of live games well-known to the Asian gambling community. The best part is that these games are universally embraced across all nations. Real-time broadcasts of Opus Gaming products are made available 24/7 while ensuring the most realistic experience as players watch the action right before their screens. There are no restrictions on minimum and maximum bets set by the developer, and they vary significantly between gambling sites.

HTML-5 titles are also available on the go, so players can access their favorites wherever they are. More details of the game selection from Opus gaming live casinos boasting such alluring features are explained below.

Live Roulette

With favorable odds, Opus Gaming has made Live Roulette stand out from the rest. Each table features an industry-standard European roulette wheel and ball. The launch of each session provides clear visibility to players who may also zoom in for a closer look at the spinning wheel's action. Three betting limits range from $1 to $3,000, and players can switch between two video quality options and three viewing modes. A timer helps punters know the amount of time they have to place a bet. Participants can save their favorite betting patterns four times.

Live Sic Bo

Comparatively, live Sic Bo is the best dice game, primarily based on luck. Nevertheless, players should employ an intelligent strategy to avoid falling into a losing streak. Opus Gaming provides a demo version to help fans test their skills before risking their money. The game begins with the croupier shaking dice enclosed in a box. Players will predict the outcome and the correct guess receives a prize. The two most successful bets are Big or Small as they have a smaller house edge (2.76%) and pay 1:1. Other bets like Triple, Double, Single, Total, and Combination bets pay up to 150:1.

Live Baccarat

With Opus Gaming live dealer software, two versions of the game exist, i.e., commission and no-commission. There is a choice of a table and a dealer in Live Baccarat, but players can also pick a particular seat. There are three side bets: Small, Big, and Pairs which pay 1.54:1, 0.53:1, and 11:1, respectively. In no-commission Baccarat, winners are paid even money on Player and Banker bets. However, the Banker bet pays only half the stake when it wins with a 6.

  • Live Squeeze Baccarat: It is the provider’s flagship version of Baccarat, played by many Asian punters. Squeezing reveals the suit symbol and then the pattern of the card, but the card value remains hidden.

  • Live 7 Up Baccarat: Betting begins with a seven on the first card. Then, the dealer deals subsequent cards the traditional way. Payouts also differ from the standard Baccarat, whereby a 7-point Banker hand receives 1.5:1, and the rest are paid in the ratio of 1:1. On the other hand, a 7-point Player pays 0.5:1, while other totals receive even money.

Live Blackjack

Opus Gaming doesn’t have the standard seven-seat blackjack in its portfolio, unlike other live casino providers. Instead, they present a multiplayer variant, a one-to-many blackjack game. Four betting positions allow punters to wager on multiple hands as the dealer takes a stand on all 17s. Side bets include Perfect Pairs, Colored, and Mixed bets, which pay out at the rates of 25:1, 12:1, and 6:1, respectively. The payout for Opus Gaming live blackjack is the usual 3:2, and players can only double down on two cards with a total of 11.

Other Opus Gaming Live-Dealer Games

Opus Gaming live casinos continue to entertain customers with more titles such as:

  • Live Texas Hold’em Poker: A poker game that pits players against the dealer. Besides regular bets, Texas Hold’em introduces Jackpot and Bonus bets.

  • Live Dragon Tiger: A two-card variation of the Baccarat game. It is also the Asian variant of Casino War. Punters bet on either the Tiger or Dragon- the higher option wins.

  • Live Lottery: It comprises 27 balls (numbered 1 to 9) and colored ones (blue, green, and yellow). Players bet on an individual number, range, or sum in addition to other stakes like odd, even, small, big, pair, straight, and triplet.

  • Live Fish Prawn Crab: A dice game that uses animal dice rather than numbers (as in Sic Bo). The available bets are Small/Big, Specific Triple, Any Triple, Specific Double, and Totals.

  • Live Three Pictures: This is an old-fashioned three-card poker game that aims to beat the dealer’s hand. A straightforward win pays 1:1, while three pictures deal gets a 16:1 payout. Three Kings is the highest rank, while the number of pictures and numerical values come in second.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Opus Gaming?

Opus Gaming is a live casino software provider based in Taiwan. It is one of the leading suppliers of live gaming technology, with an expansive portfolio of certified and reliable game solutions. Its products include several high-quality live casino games and related systems, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Hi-Lo, Texas Hold'em, and many others. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality has made its product portfolio one of the most advanced in the industry.

What are the benefits of using Opus Gaming software in live casinos?

Opus Gaming provides a comprehensive live casino software platform that is rich in features and easy to integrate with other systems. It ensures reliability, scalability, and advanced functionality, as well as a great gaming experience. With this software, operators can customize the user experience through the various game settings, as well as integrate with existing loyalty programs. Additionally, its certified games and systems offer fair game results and are highly secured through advanced fraud protection and encryption technology.

What features does Opus Gaming live casino software offer?

Opus Gaming offers an array of features and game settings to accommodate any live casino. Its software is highly customizable to let operators create the perfect live gaming atmosphere. It also features a variety of table designs, game layouts, and game types to choose from, which are designed to fit the needs of each casino. Furthermore, it provides advanced security solutions, such as enhanced authentication, fraud protection, and encryption technology, to ensure secure transactions.

Is Opus Gaming live casino software reliable?

Yes, Opus Gaming live casino software is both reliable and secure. It is certified by third-party auditors and has passed all industry gaming standards. Its software and games are also regularly tested to ensure the fairness of game results. Furthermore, all of its systems are supported by a team of professionals who are always available to ensure the smooth operation and top performance of the platform.

What languages does Opus Gaming live casino software support?

Opus Gaming live casino software supports English, Chinese, and Japanese. This allows players from various regions to enjoy their favorite live casino games in their native language.

Does Opus Gaming live casino software offer a mobile version?

Yes, Opus Gaming live casino software is mobile-compatible. Players can access and play the live casino games from their mobile devices, without any download or installation. The software is designed to be responsive and adjustable to different screen sizes for an optimized gaming experience.