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Become a Better Player at Mahjong


Become a Better Player at Mahjong

With just a few days into this game, a player can make some adjustments and improvements. Mahjong is an exciting game to play on online and land-based casinos. But gamblers must learn from other professional players and improve their skills. Newbies need to get tips and improve their Mahjong game skills.

Avoid the Urge to Separate Tiles

When playing at Mahjong, an individual must keep the tiles together. Separating them will offer an opponent a chance to know how a player has arranged his or her tiles. Hence, winning a game will be difficult. It is essential to rearrange tiles in Pungs, Kongs, and Chows groups.

Player’s Concentration Must be on Free Tiles

Most tiles on Mahjong are blocked among the 144 tiles. So, gamblers need not worry about them. But they need to focus on free tiles to remove and match. They can also play when there is a chance to match tiles and win the game.

Plan Ahead

In most games, players perform well when they plan. People will discover that at Mahjong, things are not different. Gamblers must make adequate plans before playing this game. A player needs to consider the consequences of every action he or she takes. Critical thinking can help Mahjong players.

Revealing Too Many Tiles is Risky

Players who fancy this game know the importance of keeping their tiles without informing them. When a gambler shows his or her tiles, other players in this game will know what that player can play. So, they will use the tiles they have to ensure a player loses that game.

A Clear Attacking Plan

Mahjong game requires skilled and experienced players to win a game. But newbies can also thrive in this game and win many bets. All they need is to develop a clear attacking plan. With a good strategy, a player can attack and win big at Mahjong.

Mahjong Game is Interesting Near the End

Keep an eye on all tiles that other gamblers are discarding. A player has also to be keen on the tile he or she drops. One can keep the unique tiles and discard those that others have already discarded. The remaining cards might be enough to kill the game.

Practice Can Make Perfect Mahjong Players

If a player is new in this game, practicing regularly can improve an individual. But one has to follow the basic rules of this game. Beginners can use these tips designed to make them perfect Mahjong players. They can learn how to predict the moves that other players.

Latest news

Evolution Gaming Partners Up With QTech

Evolution Gaming Partners Up With QTech


Evolution Gaming has definitely stepped up its game now that they have partnered up with Qtech Games. This means that their worldwide footprint has grown, which is something very good for this brand and it was one of their goals for 2021. This agreement is one of the best they could have made and it will surely bring them a lot of happiness along the years, especially when it comes to give Evolution and also Qtech plenty of clients.

The technology behind live casinos

The technology behind live casinos


Saying that live online casino has been successful in the past few decades is an understatement. This is a huge industry with annual revenue that’s worth billions. Online gambling is constantly boosting its growth because of the introduction of new technologies. For example, due to mobile gaming this industry has a projected revenue of $59 billion by 2023 and it won’t probably stop there. Live casinos are also essential when it comes for the success of this industry.

7 things to know before you start gambling online

7 things to know before you start gambling online


It was in 1996 when did online gambling start. That the first online casino was invented and now, after 25 years, the iGaming industry is valued to be more than 94 billion US dollars in 2024. What would define online gambling is easy: an entertainment sector that is always in development along with new technologies and it’s growing constantly. Besides, there are plenty of betting sites you’re able to choose from.

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