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Blackjack is among the oldest card games and the second most popular casino game, after poker. One of the world-leading live casino software providers, Evolution, offers a variety of blackjack styles to satisfy different player tastes. The number of players in a single session will determine how many decks the croupier will be distributing. Live Sports Blackjack LeoVegas is a card comparison game where a dealer and one or more players play against each other. While many players will be present at the table, each must face the dealer independently. The outcome of one punter does not influence the rest.

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What is Live Sports Blackjack LeoVegas?

It is one of the exclusive casino live table games issued by Evolution Gaming, streaming directly from Leo Vegas casino’s Chambre Separee, which means Separate Room in English. The dedicated area is found in Evolution’s live casino studios located in Latvia, the UK, and Malta. The structure of Live Sports Blackjack LeoVegas resembles that of classic live blackjack. However, it is designed for sports fans, including football fanatics. It is not uncommon to find punters discussing the latest soccer news and events with the casino live dealer. The live sporty table is well-received, and the developer is considering adding more sporting events for players to bet on.

How to Play Live Sports Blackjack LeoVegas

LeoVegas Live Sports Blackjack is an 8-deck card game with seven main seats, though additional players can join behind. The standard wagering limits range from £5 to £1,000, but some live casinos accept higher stakes of up to £5,000. Any empty seat is indicated as available, while side bets (Perfect Pairs and 21+3) are on the left and right sides of the wagering interface. As betting continues, the live casino dealer initiates sports topics with the participants, such as the recent football matches.

Every card at LeoVegas Live Sports Blackjack has unique worth. Cards bearing numbers 2 through 10 have a face value. The King, Queen, and Jack are known as face cards, and each is valued at ten. The total hand value is the summation of the present cards held. Players can request additional cards to boost the status of their hands.

On the other hand, the Ace can be worth 1 or 11, depending on whether or not it gives a bust (over 21 points). An Ace valued 11 creates a soft hand because it hardly busts should the dealer draw another card. But an Ace worth 1 is a hard one since it has a high likelihood of causing the hand to burst.

The Rules of LeoVegas Live Sports Blackjack

There are only a few options left for a player who hasn’t attained a blackjack. The best action is to evaluate the two cards at hand and compare them with the dealer’s face-up card. Depending on the hand value, a punter can take one of the steps below.

  • Surrender: Sometimes, it is evident that a punter is on the verge of losing. They can surrender their bet in half and end their game. The dealer wins.
  • Splitting: If one hand has two cards equal in value, the player can divide them between two hands. The wager for each split hand will be the same as the initial bet, hence doubling the bet.
  • Hitting: This is the process of requesting an extra card from the croupier. The dealer can draw as many cards and distribute them to players until they choose to stand. Participants must be careful not to go in excess of 21 (bust).
  • Standing: This means taking no more cards from the dealer. As such, the dealer will play his hands.
  • Doubling down: Occurs when a player doubles their stake by requesting an additional card before standing.
  • Insurance: Players take Insurance (protect their bets) when the dealer’s face-up card shows an Ace. The Insurance equals 50% of the original stake. The player will be betting on the dealer's likelihood of getting a Blackjack.

LeoVegas Live Sports Blackjack Payouts and RTP

Behind every live dealer online casino is a set of complex odds. It comes down to a series of percentages and ratios to determine payouts. Generally, casino games live are designed to give the house a statistical benefit known as the house edge. This depends on the ratio of all paid bets to the winning bets. Even the best live casinos always pay less than what they’ve received as wagers in the long run.

The player's theoretical payout potential is known as the RTP. It represents the portion of bets to be rewarded with real money from the overall turnover. Blackjack punters understand that a casino’s RTP is a little short of 100%. For instance, the average standard blackjack game pays about 99.5%. However, LeoVegas Live Sports Blackjack’s RTP is 96.8%. But the value may increase depending on how optimally one plays.

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