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NetEnt unveils Divine Fortune Megaways


NetEnt unveils Divine Fortune Megaways

NetEnt , a brand everyone knows for being a leader in the industry, recently produced an improved version of Divine Fortune, which is one of their most famous games , and added the Megaways mechanic. This game is the latest in NetEnt’s standard-setting back catalogue to have the incredible Megaways feature after their successful release of Twin Spin Megaways.

About this slot

Divine Fortune Megaways has an RTP of 96.06%, 6-reel mythical-themed that has the same magical creatures and coin symbols as the original slot . However, now it has 117,649 Megaways and also a maximum win of 4502x. It’s possible to find in this slot many features such as a Wild-on-Wild Expansion, Wild Re-Spins and also Free Spins with 3 collectable bonus symbols that are able to award more 500x bonus in order to create an experience with an incredible winning potential.

Andy Whitworth opinion

NetEnt’s Chief Commercial Officer said that Divine Fortune is one of the most famous title and it’s definitely good to reignite this game with the addition of the Megaways feature. Twin Spin Megaways was their best launch in 2020, but there’s information from Divine Fortune Megaways that this might not be for a long time. The combination of all the features makes this title loaded with action and excitement. NetEnt is completely sure this remake will be a huge hit amongst players.

Why choose a Megaways slot

These slots have many more ways to win, which is definitely a huge advantage. This means that you’ll be able to have many more ways to make winning combinations with the symbols that are going to appear on the reels and that’s highly important.

Choosing a Megaways slot is the smartest choice, since there a high possibility of winning something. Plus, on this slot there are a lot of features and with these there are several ways to gain something as well, which is something very good. These features can be triggered during the normal game and, with the Megaways, there’s always the opportunity to win even more.

These slots are highly popular at online casinos because of the many ways to win. Since there are several, it’s easy to make winning combinations and that means that it’s actually easier for players to make some money. That’s why these slots from NetEnt are so popular.

Something that NetEnt did was to take Divine Fortune and add Megaways to it. This, of course, transformed the whole slot. And made it more famous and even better for players. Now it’s possible to play it and no one knows what’s going to happen. Megaways slots are the future and these are incredibly worth it for those who like to win money.

Having fun is rule #1

If you’re choosing this slot because you want to have some fun then you will, that’s certain. But since it’s a Megaways slot there’s always a chance of winning something, so don’t lose hope when it comes to that. You never know what can happen when you’re playing Divine Fortune Megaways and there’s always place for everything.

This slot can award you with either a feature like Free Spins or even with some money, it depends on the combination you make while you’re playing. Something vital is to have fun while playing, since that’s very important. However, since this is a high-quality slot then you certainly will.


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