January 2, 2023

Will Live Casino Games Finally Take Over in 2023?

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The impact of live dealer games on the online gambling industry cannot be understated. These games allow online casino players to have a life-like experience in modern studios managed by professional dealers and presenters. But despite the achievements, there is still a lot of room for improvement. This post discusses the future of live casino games and why you should expect significant changes in 2023 despite the apparent obstacles. 

Will Live Casino Games Finally Take Over in 2023?

Covid-19 Effects in 2022 and Beyond

When the first Covid-19 case was reported in December 2019, most expected it to be one of those “passing cloud” reports. Fast forward to 2020 and parts of 2021, the world saw the full force of the pandemic, with many in-person service industries suspending or limiting operations. 

But despite the gains, it’s safe to say that the world isn’t out of the woods yet. In May 2022, the world saw a surge in infections thanks to resistant variants of the virus. In China, 38,500 new cases were reported as of November 27, 2022, with the country imposing localized lockdowns. Thankfully, the fatality rates are not that worrying this time.

So, how does Covid-19 connect to the future of live casino gaming? The thing is that land-based casinos have not fully recovered from the effects of Corona. This means regulated live casino sites will continue to reap big, with most ‘social’ players preferring live dealer games due to their real nature. It’s a situation that land-based casino operators will look to exploit in 2022 and beyond. 

5G Will Play a Big Part

Seasoned live casino players know the importance of fast internet speeds. Because live games stream in HD and 4K quality, fast download speeds and bandwidth are critical to your gameplay. Ideally, players wouldn’t want to miss a card or instruction issued by the dealer. Other features that depend on the internet connection include the leader board, in-game statistics, live chats, and more.

But although 4G can handle most of these requirements quite easily, 5G promises to make things even smoother. In 2023, we expect to see broader 5G coverage as the rollout continues to gather pace worldwide. In ideal conditions, 5G download speeds can reach 10GB per second, which is 10x faster than 4G. This is the level of performance required to stay connected in a live dealer room. 

There are also rumors that the 6G internet might be available by 2030 or earlier. Experts expect this sixth-generation cellular data to hit 1TB per second on cellular surfaces and Wi-Fi implants. But until then, the 5G connection will do just fine for casual users. This technology is expected to support some of the most significant innovations of the future. 

VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming

VR gaming is the application of authentic 3D environments in video and casino games. These environments are designed to offer a richer gaming experience than a real-world environment. VR players enjoy more suspense and disbelief, making the gaming sessions more realistic.

Having said that, the online gambling industry is famous for quickly embracing and incorporating new experiences. As expected, Evolution is leading from the front after launching Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in June 2021. This is the first online casino game with a VR mode and uses a unique blend of online slots and live casino games. Imagine running alongside Gonzo inside the giant 70-stone wall as the dealer cheers you on. Sounds unreal, right?

But despite this milestone innovation, VR gaming is yet to reach its potential. That’s partly because of the expensive VR headsets and the design challenges that may intimidate people with limited skills. Also, smartphones and tablets deliver equally immersive experiences, managing to keep VR headsets on the shelves. But that’s expected to change in 2023 as VR headsets become more affordable and straightforward. 

Widespread Online Gambling Regulation

Legal online gambling is becoming widespread these days, something that will favor live casino operators. The previous years have seen many countries loosen their long-standing opposition to gambling and sports betting. They consider gambling a vital source of revenue as long as it’s practiced securely and responsibly. 

An example is the US, which has seen widespread legal gambling after the apex court overruled PASPA in 2018. Currently, at least six states permit online casino play, with more legislation expected in 2023. Ontario is another crucial market that opened its doors to online gambling operators in April 2022. In Europe, Hungary will end the long state monopoly in January 2023. 

But don’t worry if online gambling is illegal in your area. You can still play live casino games online on offshore websites because most gambling laws don’t touch on internet gambling. This leaves room for international online casinos to accept players from these countries. However, ensure that the live casino is licensed and regulated before joining. It would help if you also read online reviews to ascertain whether the casino has a positive reputation among players. 

Expected Setbacks for Live Casino Gaming

Despite the future looking luminous for live casino games, a few drawbacks might prevent the industry from reaching greater heights in 2023. First, expect to continue using real money to play live casino games. Unlike RNG games powered by casino software, the live game developer must set up a studio with cameras, tables, and professional dealers. They spend a fortune preparing live games, meaning players must make a minimum real-money bet to play. 

Another thing that’s likely to keep live casino games from hitting their true potential is the slow pace at which countries regulate online gambling. As said before, online casino play in the US is legal in six states only, unlike online sports betting, which is widespread. Also, many Asian and African countries have shallow gambling laws, leaving room for illegal gambling practices.

Overall, things are looking good for live casinos and online gambling in general. The widespread 5G connection will give the activity a shot in the arm even as more countries remodel their gambling laws. And remember, you only need a small budget to play at the best online live casino sites. In most cases, a wager would cost just $0.10. Play responsibly!

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