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Play Live Mahjong Online

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History of Mahjong

Although it has some recognizable ancestors, Mahjong, as it's known today, has been around since the mid-19th century. The popular Chinese Majhong is a game spread to other countries in the early 20th century. It was brought to America in about 1920 by Joseph P. Babcock, who discovered it being played aboard a ship on the Yangtze River. The first documentation of Mahjong can be found in 1880, but there are romours that Mahjong is as old as 2500 years. It is said to have been invented by the Chinese philosopher Confucious but there are no factual evidence of this, but it does make for a neat story. Now a days Mahjong is increasingly popular and there are some different ways to play it. There is Chianese Mahjong alongside American Mahjong, but even within these two types there are many differences. The number of tiles used may vary and the game offers some differences to the players, making it a dynamic game.

Live Mahjong

There are many places online that offer live Mahjong, at these casinos you can vers other online players. CasinoRank recommends these online casinos to play live Mahjong. Many of these casino offers live Mahjong 24/7 at many international locations.

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In Mahjong, players are dealt 13 tiles and must discard or draw them with the aim of creating four sets and one pair. Played in casinos, the game includes elements of skill, strategy and luck. There are many regional variations in the playing of Mahjong, though the basic rules essentially stay the same.


📌 How to play mahjong?

  • This is the most basic rules of Mahjong. Since there are many regonal varieties of the games the rules may differ a bit, but these are the fundamentals of the game: #

  • 📌 Players:

  • Mahjong is played with 4 players (somethimes three). #

  • 📌 Components:

  • Mahjong has 136 tiles in total, this includes 36 characters, 36 bamboos and 36 circles. These are the different suits in Mahjong. All of these tiles are divided into four sets of numbers 1 to 9 in each of the suits. There are also 12 dragon tiles and 16 wind tiles, in addition there are 8 bonus tiles containing four flowers and four seasons (but these are usually not included in the basic game). A pair of dice is used to deal. #

  • 📌 How to win mahjong:

  • The aim of the game is to get a Mahjong. This is getting all 14 of your tiles into four set and one pair. A pair is 2 idendical tiles , this can either be "pung" (three identical tiles) or "Chow" (a run of three consecutive tiles in the same suit.) A single tile cannot be used in two sets at once. #

  • 📌 Setup:

  • The game starts with the suffle of the 4 wind tiles, where they are faced down and dealt to the players. After that all the tiles are suffled facedowned and made into rows of 17 tiles long and 2 tiles high. The result should be a large square wall of tiles in the center of the table. The dealer rolls the dice and counts that many tiles from the right edge of their wall, and separates the wall at that point to begin dealing tiles from the left of that spot and going clockwise. Each player receives 13 tiles, with the dealer starting with an extra 14th tile. Then the players arrange their tiles, for their eyes only concealde for the other players. Then the dealer discards the extra tile and the game begins. After that, the other players can make a claim at the discarded tile. The first who can claim a Mahjong with the extra tile gets priorioty to the discarded tile, with a winning hand of 14 tiles. If nobody cliaims the tile but it completes a chow for a player you may cliam it, then turn your tiles up. After that you must discard another tile and the game contines.

  • 📌 What is mahjong

  • Mahjong is a popular chinese games that uses tiles (small piceces, recembling smaller domino tiles). There are usually 136 tiles, but more can be used. The aim is to get 14 of your tiles into four set and one pair of the suits given in Mahjong. #

  • 📌 How many tiles in mahjong

  • There are between 136 to 144 tiles used in Mahjong. Depending on the region (or the rules, such as bonus tiles.) #

  • 📌 How old is mahjong

  • Mahjong is said to be one of the worlds oldest games as it is 2500 years old. But the first official record only dates back to 1880's. #

  • 📌 Where did mahjong originate

  • Mahjong originated in China. #

  • 📌 Who invented mahjong

  • Since Mahjong is said to originate in China about 2500 years ago, there is no way of knowing who invented it (even if the offical records only dates back to 1880's). But the roumor or legend says that it was Confucious, a famous chinese philosopher, that had a part in creating the game.

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