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Top 17 PayPal Live Casinos

PayPal is an American financial company with its headquarters in California. It is mainly known as a payment processor for online auction sites and commercial enterprises.

PayPal was founded in 1998, initially only used for Palm Pilot payments, and at the time was known as Confinity. It now has over 240 million registered users.

Top 17 PayPal Live Casinos

Top Casinos

Live Casino PayPal


BonusUp to $300

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  • Secure payments
  • Action-packed games
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  • Pay N Play casino
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Mr Play

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Queen Play

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Regent Play

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  • Great Playtech selection
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  • Megaways slots section
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About PayPal

With over 250 million active users globally, PayPal is a secure, online financial service established in 1998. Back then, this San Jose-based payment provider was known as Confinity. Some people have often been confused about who founded PayPal.

The truth is, it was initially established by German-American venture capitalists Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, a popular Ukrainian-American developer and entrepreneur.

Then, in 2000, Confinity Inc. merged with X.com, an online bank Elon Musk co-founded with Christopher Payne, Ed Ho, and Harris Fricker. The fused company was known as "PayPal."

How is PayPal Unique?

PayPal is among the leaders in the online payment industry, explaining why over seven million enterprises worldwide are proud to be associated with it. Uniqueness is one of the competitive advantages it enjoys.

What makes PayPal stand out?

  • For starters, it lets users link up to eight email addresses to one bank account. This enhances their protection since it's not easy for online hackers to gain unauthorized access to an individual's multiple emails. It also makes transferring funds more flexible.
  • PayPal also boasts a Bill Me Later feature that allows users to purchase products with inadequate funds and settle the bills later. This proprietary payment system is currently offered by 1000+ online merchants interested in enhancing convenience for their customers.
  • In addition, PayPal provides two account options. A user can create a personal or business account. Their most ideal choice depends on if they want a company account or one to enable them to pay for their goods & services and receive payments.

Getting Started with PayPal

PayPal is popular because it is supported by so many websites and financial institutions. If a company accepts online payments, there is a significant chance that it will accept PayPal. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice for people looking for live casino online deposit methods and withdrawal methods.

One aspect that makes PayPal an excellent choice compared to some other operators is the ease with which money stored in a PayPal account can be transferred either to the PayPal account holder's own bank account or another PayPal account almost instantly. This means that players can receive their live casino winnings almost immediately by making a PayPal withdrawal.

In countries such as the US and the UK, PayPal has agreements with most banks that allow deposits to be made in a matter of minutes, often with no fees attached.

For players looking for deposit methods at casinos in countries where PayPal does not offer free wit hdrawals to bank accounts, the large number of websites that accept PayPal as a means of payment should be enough to make it an option worth considering.

Banking with PayPal

PayPal account holders should make an effort to understand its banking process. This enhances their safety by preventing mistakes such as sending cash to the wrong address or transferring the unintended amount.

One of the things worth learning is how to add money into PayPal – this makes transfers easy. Knowing how to check PayPal balance is also advisable so that users can confirm when they've received payments.

Account Opening Process

  • To use PayPal to play at live casino online game, players will need to set up a PayPal account first. This can be done on the PayPal website and only takes a few minutes to complete. The amount of information that is required to open an account varies between countries due to local laws and differences in PayPal's approach to crime and fraud prevention, but the two things that are required everywhere are a mobile phone number and an email address.
  • Once the setup process is complete, there is one more thing to do before using a PayPal account to play a live casino game, and that is to set up a funding source. Thankfully, a massive amount of funding options are available, from credit and debit cards to bank account transfers. In some countries, PayPal also sells gift cards in retail stores, which makes it possible to fund a PayPal account using cash.
  • Once the funding source has been set up, players can make a deposit into their account (this is generally only possible using the bank transfer option rather than credit or debit cards in order to reduce the fees that PayPal has to pay as part of the transaction).

Payment Options Provided by PayPal

PayPal allows account holders to make payments via these methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Rewards balance
  • PayPal Credit

Best Live Casinos with PayPal

Many gambling platforms have PayPal on their long lists of casino payment methods. Punters planning to enjoy using this platform should first enlighten themselves about it and how it works. This is pretty simple – one can search "what is PayPal?" online. There's a lot of content available.

The next step is selecting a PayPal casino they trust, register, and deposit cash into their betting accounts.

Deposit with PayPal at Live Casinos

If a website offers PayPal as a payment or deposit method, this will generally be shown in the footer and as part of the payment process.

  • In order to use PayPal to make a live casino online deposit, players simply select it as an option and log into their account.
  • Once they have done this, they can choose which funding methods they would like to use to make the payment.
  • PayPal will then withdraw the required money from that funding method and pass it onto the online casino company.

Most payment methods supported by PayPal offer instant payments in these circumstances, but some take a number of days to clear, which means that players will have to wait before they are able to use their money to play at live casino games.

In these circumstances, it is recommended that players always keep a balance in their PayPal account so that funds are always there when they decide that it is time to play an online casino game.

It is easy to see why PayPal has become such a big player in the live casino funding space, and its ease of use is likely to keep it there for years to come.

To deposit with PayPal at a live casino, players should:

  • Visit the casino's deposit section and choose PayPal
  • Enter the specific amount they want to move into their gambling account (most platforms have set a daily deposit limit of $5000)
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Wait for the funds to show in their gambling accounts

How to Make a Withdrawal with PayPal

As with depositing money, punters also need to grasp how to use PayPal when withdrawing their payouts at live online casinos. To do this, they should:

  • Log in to their PayPal live casinos
  • Head to the withdrawal section and select PayPal
  • Enter the amount they want to move out of their casino accounts
  • Confirm the transaction

Tips to Withdraw with PayPal at Live Casinos

When withdrawing money with PayPal at a gambling website, it's wise for punters to ensure their PayPal accounts are verified. This helps to prevent unnecessary complications that could deter them from accessing their payouts as soon as they would like to.

Verifying a PayPal account is trouble-free. One can visit this payment provider's official website and search "how to verify PayPal?" It vividly illustrates the steps the punters should follow and the documents they must provide to succeed.

Players who know a live casino's PayPal withdrawal limit and stick to it also relish this payment system's services. Typically, it's dependent on a specific platform's policies, and it can range between $500 and $8,000 or more. PayPal withdrawals are processed within a day, but they may take up to three days.

What Are the Benefits of Paypal?

Using PayPal when playing online casino works to the advantage of players. With over 360 million active users, this deposit method is immensely popular. It also comes with the assurance that other people worldwide have effectively used it before.

  • It promises credit card security and convenience with a one-time data collection system. When players sign up for PayPal and use it for the first time, it's mandatory to provide bank account or credit card details. From then on, they won't have to provide the same details anymore. This eliminates the risk of inputting incorrect payment information or giving this information to fraudulent individuals. This also saves them time from inputting information again and again.
  • PayPal also offers casino players the opportunity to fund their accounts using multiple bank and credit sources. In case one of their credit sources has zero funds, PayPal automatically switches to another credit source. This saves them time from having to discontinue playing their games.
  • Another excellent benefit of using PayPal is it's free. Online casino players have nothing to worry about when it comes to service charges, processing fees, membership fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Players can use it to deposit funds to their accounts and play their favorite casino games without spending a cent.

    Safety and Security at PayPal

When checking a payment system's safety, most people are keen on factors such as:

  • Its reputation
  • The technology it leverages to improve security
  • Its anti-fraud policies

Luckily, PayPal is invested in providing top-notch security to protect its users from being scammed. It utilizes IP & Browser Sensitive software, which lets it know an individual's location immediately they log into their account.

This technology also enables PayPal to access a device's browsing history to detect suspicious IP changes and prevent fraudulent activities.

When transacting with PayPal, users must verify their identities, especially when large sums of money are involved. There's a unique payment protection mechanism where this platform holds cash for a specified duration (could be up to 180 days) if there's a dispute or proof of scam. It only releases the funds after confirming it's not a fraud.

Other Payment Methods Like Paypal

There are other secure payment methods like Paypal. The most common are e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. They are both convenient to use and well known. The majority of casinos also accept these payment methods to play live casinos.

1Casino.comUp to $4007
2MansionUp to $/€50009
3Queen PlayUp to €7207.54
4QueenVegas100 Free Spins7.7
5Play MillionUp to €2008
6BetssonUp to €100 7.92
7PlayToroUp to $/€1008.22
8Vegas HeroUp to $1008
9Mr PlayUp to $2007.52
10Casino CruiseUp to $ 10008
Are The Payment Options Safe?

Are The Payment Options Safe?

When selecting an online casino, safety is among the things to consider, lest one wants to lose their money before they have even enjoyed a particular game. Players must see to it that the place offers a reliable and secure means of depositing as well as withdrawing cash.

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