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Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular way for people to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. The huge number of cryptocurrencies available and the need for different infrastructure to be in place in order to support them has traditionally served as a barrier to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency casino deposits.

However, the emergence of a number of popular eWallet services has made it significantly easier for online casinos to accept cryptocurrencies. Crypto, also known as Crypto.com is one of the most popular online eWallet services and now boasts over 10 million users who have access to over 100 cryptocurrencies.

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Deposit with Crypto

Deposit with Crypto

Before a player is able to make a deposit at a live casino in cryptocurrency using the Crypto platform, they will have to sign up for a Crypto account and make a deposit. When making a deposit, users are required to decide which cryptocurrency they would like to invest in.

As the majority of online casinos that accept Crypto as a means of deposit still conduct their transactions in a fiat currency such as the euro or US dollar, it is important to keep an eye on the exchange rate between the currency that your chosen online casino is using.

Funding a Crypto account for the first time involves making a deposit with a credit or debit card. Once customers have done this, they are able to move the money that is stored in their Crypto e-wallet from one currency to another.

This makes it easy to take advantage of movements in markets and ensure that they are getting the best possible value from the money that they have stored with Crypto. While it was previously necessary to withdraw money in order to deposit it into a casino, the Crypto.com pay platform makes it possible to execute this transaction directly without any additional steps, middlemen, or fees.

Getting Started with Crypto at Online Casinos

The number of online casinos that accept Crypto as a means of deposit is currently relatively limited compared to some other deposit methods such as PayPal or credit cards. However, the number of casinos that work with Crypto is regularly increasing as demand for the platform is going up.

  1. Once a user finds a casino that accepts Crypto as a deposit method, the first step is to start the deposit process. The player should make sure that they are aware of any special deposit bonus offers that are running when they decide to make a deposit so that they get the best possible value from their transaction.

  2. The next step is to select Crypto as the funding method for the deposit. Again, the way this works will vary from one online casino to another but this is generally the first step in the process. They will then be required to select their deposit amount and log into their Crypto account.

  3. The final step is then to confirm the transaction. In most cases, the funds will be transferred from the Crypto account to the online casino instantly.

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