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Wide range of games, including live casino
Fast and secure payment options
Generous welcome bonus and promotions
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The provider promotes safe gambling and offers resources and tools to help users maintain control over their gaming behavior. This includes choices for self-exclusion, limiting deposits, and pausing while playing.

Gambling addiction is considered to be an impulse-control disorder. Any compulsive gambler can't control the urge to gamble even though that may have negative consequences for them and their loved ones. Problem gamblers will continue playing even when they know they can't afford to lose their money.

Players who are not totally out of control can have a gambling problem as well. Any activity that disrupts everyday life is considered to be problem gambling. Players who are constantly chasing losses and are preoccupied with gambling are also the ones who need to slow done and try to control their gambling behavior.

Problem gambling is often connected with other behavior or mood disorders like substance abuse, stress, and depression, just to name some.

At times, it may seem like this is a situation without a way out, but the good news is with the proper tools and help from professional gambling addicts can overcome their problems and regain their life. The first step toward recovery should be is to separate the myths from the facts about gambling.

If you gamble every day you are a problem gambler - The truth of the matter is that the frequency of gambling doesn’t define one person as a problem gambler. Gambling is a problem only when it causes problems, no matter if the player gambles frequently or infrequently.

Players who can afford to gamble can't become problem gamblers - Gambling can cause problems that can affect one person in every aspect of their life, not just financial. Spending too much time gambling can lead to relationship problems, job loss, and even mental health problems.

Only weak-willed and irresponsible people can develop gambling addiction - Unfortunately, gambling addiction can affect anyone no matter their age or intelligence. So, everyone should approach gambling cautiously and take advantage of all the available tools in the Responsible gambling section at 888 Casino.

Partners of problem gamblers can drive their loved ones to gamble - Usually, problem gamblers try to rationalize their behavior so they tend to blame other people for their gambling problem. This is a way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions only.

If you know someone with a gambling problem who has to build up a debt, you should help them - It may seem like a quick fix solution may appear to be the right thing to do, but unfortunately this way gamblers are only enabled to continue gambling. This is because they will think that there is always someone to help them financially.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction doesn’t show any physical signs or symptoms at the beginning. For this reason, it is often referred to as a hidden illness. What is more, problem gamblers often try to hide or minimize their problem. Here are some of the first tell-tale signs that problem gamblers can show:

Hide the amount of time and money they spend gambling - The moment a gambler feels the need to be secretive about gambling should show them that they might be developing an addiction.

Trouble controlling their gambling - Players who have an uncontrollable urge to gamble are likely to develop a gambling addiction.

Gamble even when they can't afford it - Players who spend all their money gambling, even the money that is meant to pay bills.

Family is worried about a player's behavior - Players need to listen to family and friends who are worried about them. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help and get one's life on track.

Self-help for Gambling Problems

The first step to overcoming a problem is realizing that there is one. Players who are dealing with gambling addiction need a lot of strength to admit they have a problem and try to overcome it. They will need help from their loved ones every step of the way. What players need to understand is that they can't do this alone, since many others have been dealing with this same problem and many success stories can encourage anyone to never give up.

Problem gamblers need to learn how to relieve unpleasant feelings more healthily. Gambling may be a good way for some players to unwind, but there are tons of other healthier ways to do that. It is a good idea to spend some time with players who don't gamble, take up a new hobby or simply start exercising.

Addiction is difficult and it is something that no one can deal with alone. It is good to have a support network, so problem gamblers can reach them whenever they feel an urge to gamble.

There are many support groups that problem gamblers can join. Gamblers Anonymous is one of the most popular organizations that are available worldwide. Anyone can contact them through their website for help and support, and at the same time, they guide what the next step should be. What is more, Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12-step recovery program where everyone has to find a sponsor. Sponsors are usually people who have overcome addiction and they can provide invaluable guidance and support.

Problem gamblers shouldn't discharge other mood disorders they might deal with, since they can trigger gambling problems.

At this point, players are probably wondering what they can do to stop gambling for good. Unfortunately, we can't say that there is one straightforward answer that will help everyone. What problem gamblers find difficult is to stay away from gambling. And, nowadays online gambling is easily accessible which makes it hard for recovering addicts to avoid relapses. Anyhow, staying away from gambling can be easy if the problem gambler is determined to stay in recovery. They can surround themselves with people who are not interested in gambling, avoid tempting websites by using blocking software, and even give up their finances for a while are just some of the activities that will help them stay away from gambling.

Protection of Minors

888 Casino accepts players who are of legal age to gamble. For that reason, each player has to go through a very strict verification procedure where they have to send proof that they are of legal age to gamble. 888 Casino doesn’t want to attract children with their games, and they employ intelligent verification systems to identify minors attempting to log in. Anyhow, the Internet is easily accessible so for that reason companies and parents must cooperate. We advise players to install filtering software to prevent minors from accessing gambling websites. Here are some of the most popular software that they can check:

Deposit Limit

888 Casino offers many tools that will help players control their gambling. One of the most popular ones is the Deposit Limit, which allows players to stay in control of the amount of money they deposit per day, week or month. Players can contact Customer Support, and they will be happy to assist them in setting up their limits. Players can adjust the limits at any time they want. They have to keep in mind that when they decide to reduce the deposit limits, they will take effect immediately, but when they decide to increase the limits they will have to wait for 7 days for the increase to take effect.

Self-Assessment Test

Players who are concerned about their gambling behavior should take the self-assessment test. This is a set of questions that will allow players to determine whether they have a gambling problem or not. It comes without saying that they have to answer all questions honestly.

  • Do you lose time at work or school due to gambling?
  • Do you ever feel unhappy because of your gambling habits?
  • Does gambling affect your reputation?
  • Do you ever feel remorse after gambling?
  • Do you gamble to get money for everyday expenses?
  • Do you feel a decrease in your ambition due to gambling habits?
  • Do you feel you have to get back and win the money you have lost gambling?
  • Do you have an urge after a big win to get back and win some more?
  • Do you gamble until you lose all your money?
  • Do you ever borrow money to finance your gambling?
  • Do you ever feel reluctant to use gambling money for other expenditures?
  • Do you feel careless about the welfare of other people due to your gambling habit?


Players can take a break from gambling and close their accounts temporarily or permanently. We suggest players contact Customer Support and they will help them make the most informed decision.

Self-exclusion is a feature that will help people who want to stop gambling for at least 6 months. Together with self-exclusion players can consider software that blocks their access to gambling websites. Self-exclusion is a great option for anyone who has decided to stop gambling, but those who are dealing with gambling addiction should consider contacting one of the many organizations for advice and guidance.

Since 2018, players have had the opportunity to utilize GAMSTOP, which is a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme. GAMSTOP will help players control their online gambling. Once they register they will be prevented from using gambling websites for a period of their choosing.

It is the player's responsibility to stick to their self-exclusion agreement. 888 Casino will respect each player's decision and they will not send any promotional material during this period.

Gambling Problem

888 Casino is aware that the vast majority of individuals play for fun, while there is a small percentage of people who develop an addiction. The casino takes this matter extremely seriously and has utilized a variety of measures to fight this problem:

  • 888 Casino includes methods and techniques to help their employees identify compulsive or underage gamblers, and once they do, they can take appropriate action.
  • Players can request self-exclusion whenever they believe it is necessary and the casino will do everything in its power to help players use their self-exclusion program.
  • Players have the opportunity to set their maximum deposit amount.
  • Players can remove themselves from the casino's email list and stop receiving promotional material.
  • Gambling is a form of entertainment, but players need to remember that they have to enter this world with caution. Knowing all the consequences that gambling can bring will help players be more careful. There are a couple of things that players need to remember when they start playing online casino games for real money:
  • Gambling is a form of entertainment and it is not a way to earn easy money.
  • Gambling is playing games of chance. No one can guarantee players that they will win no matter if they know how to play the game or if they have employed a certain strategy.
  • Players need to remember that they can never chase losses. There will be another day and another chance to play and win.
  • And what players need to remember most of all, is to have fun. Gambling is a fun activity and players should relax and unwind while they play their favorite games. It is possible to win big in one spin only, but the chances of losing their money are huge as well. Players need to know that the money they lose is just a down payment for all the fun they had while playing.

Reality Check

888 Casino shows players how long they have spent playing games with their Reality Check feature. Players will receive a notification during their current session.

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